Wild Lavender Crystal Flora Smudge Bundle

Wild Lavender Crystal Flora Smudge Bundle


Palo Santo is a spiritual wood used in ritual ceremonies and smudging practices for centuries. Simply burn the end of the stick and smell the sweet, natural, fragrance released it its whisps of smoke. Palo Santo is know for cleansing away negative energies and preparing a space & a spirit for a new beginning.

The addition of wild Sea Lavender adds an element of serenity, peace, and relaxation to your smudge sessions.

Each Bundle is hand wrapped with organic Sea Lavender and beautiful Palo Santo sticks ready to smudge away negative energies. No fragrances are added to the wood and the bundles are tied in 100% natural hemp chord which is also a sustainable material!

These bundles also come with a Mini Selenite Wand for added clarity, peace, and cleansing. Simply cut the chord wrapped around the crystal (not the whole bundle ;)! ) and use it as a filter resting on top of a smudge bowl or and heat safe dish :)

These bundles make a wonderful hostess gift, housewarming present, or a gift to yourself or other to bring peace & serenity to your sacred space.

All Palo Santo from Think Unique is sustainable harvested from South America and is sourced with the ethical removal and replenishment of this beautiful natural resource at the front of our minds.

If you are curious on how these, or my Crystal Flora Smudge Bundles work, visit my instagram for an instructional video! https://www.instagram.com/tv/BvKmr0SlYIQ/

Happy smudging! <3

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