Multicolored Fluorite Tower

Multicolored Fluorite Tower

from 25.00

Enjoy this gorgeous Fluorite Tower for your meditation/spiritual practice or simply as a beautiful energized addition to your home.

Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy.  During practice, the presence of Fluorite can connect the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit.  Fluorite further anchors intuitive insights into the physical plane, allowing mental and physical coordination.  A popular stone among energy healers, Fluorite can also clear the aura of mucky energies and allow for a free flow of ideas.

This listing is for one Fluorite tower. Please select size at checkout. Due to the natural quality of the stones, there will be slight variation in colors and patterns. However, each stone is equally gorgeous and full of amazing energy.

All pieces are smudged with Palo Santo before being lovingly wrapped and sent off to their new homes :)

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