Mini Signature Hoops

Mini Signature Hoops


#1 Best Selling Jewelry from Think Unique

These earrings truly kickstarted my creative vision, and my business. They were originally designed (in original size) for my Mother as a birthday gift. Upon receiving them, she was absolutely in love with them, as were many of the people who saw her opening them. After multiple requests from friends, and strangers, I began to make more! Struggling to keep the regular size in stock, I decided to make a miniature version for those who like smaller earrings. These quickly became just as popular and are regularly sold out in person & online.

If they are in stock, lucky you! Please choose Gold (brass) or Silver (plated) from the menu before adding them to your cart.

Earring posts are nickel free. If you need pure Titanium, Gold, or Silver ear wires, please contact me and I will be happy to upgrade them for you (additional cost does apply)

Each piece is handcrafted in Chicago, IL. They are each smudged with Palo Santo before being lovingly wrapped in a gift box and being sent off to their new homes :)

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