Large Raw Rose Quartz Crystal

Large Raw Rose Quartz Crystal


The lovely Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart. Whether it be self-love, romance, compassion, or peace, this stone brings a wonderful energy with it. Considered a stone of feminine energy, its soft pink hues will grace the darker corners of your life and enrich them with the love you’ve been missing.

This stone has been popular since the Ancient Greek & Roman cultures, where it was said Cupid, the Greek god of love, gifted Rose Quartz to humans to enrich their hearts.

Rose quartz charges well in the moonlight, since overexposure to sun can cause it to loose its gorgeous pink hues. Charge this crystal during a full moon, or with your other charging crystals such as Selenite.

Listing is for ONE large piece of raw Rose Quartz. Shape will vary slightly do the the natural properties of crystals. Each stone has been cleansed with Palo Santo prior to being sent to it’s new home <3

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