Crystal Goddess Party (Deposit)

Crystal Goddess Party (Deposit)


Interested in hosting a Crystal Goddess Party & Trunk Show in your home? Curious to know more? This is an event created by Lauren of Think Unique and a one of a kind memorable experience! A perfect get together for a happy hour, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday, housewarming, or just because!

Typical schedule of an event:
~4 hours total
1 hour before start time- Lauren arrives at your home and sets up her display for the trunk show, discusses your goals for the event, and smudges your home (with host approval) to cleanse away negative or distracting energies and prepare for a successful Goddess event!
15 minutes- Allow all guests to arrive, meet & greet, enjoy snacks and beverages (provided by host)
45-60 minutes- Lauren will teach the benefits of smudging, discuss 2-3 crystals and their benefits, lead a breathing exercise, and allow guests to interact with crystals & tools while addressing questions & curiosities from guests.
30-60 min- Guests have time to shop, ask questions, and receive their parting gift! 

What you get out of it:

10% of all sales either go to the host to put towards a purchase, or to a charity of their choosing.

Host/Hostess receives 20% off their purchase at the event.

Host/Hostess will also receive an extra special hostess gift as a thank you for hosting a Crystal Goddess Party in their home ❤️

Most importantly, you will receive an afternoon of fun, growth, exploration, and memories with your friends! This is a wonderful event to bring positive energy back into your life, to refresh before a big life change, or to help enrich your friendships with fun and informative crystal healing knowledge!

If you would like to learn more, or schedule your own party, please submit a request titled “Crystal Goddess Party” though my contact page, found here: You may also email with questions.

*This listing is only for clients who have already scheduled their event and are submitting their non-refundable 50% deposit. Remainder of Deposit is due on day of event* Thank you! :)

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