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While I sip on my tea and finish up some pieces for the new collection, I am overcome with a wave of humbling gratitude.

I think about how incredible it is that I am here, existing on this gorgeous planet, doing what I love.

I think about how grateful I am to share this experience with so many people around the world, whether it be in person at a local event, over across the globe on social media. The hugs, tears, laughter, and openness has been indescribable.

I think about my body, and how it has risen each day despite exhaustion and long hours for me to work hard and focus on my dreams. My lungs that can expand and welcome kind intentions, the exhale that brings laughter and a release.

I think about my family and friends, and how they have supported my creative self throughout my life and have helped nurture this endeavor despite the challenges and obstacles. Their faith in me has kept me going throughout so many difficult times.

I think about my partner, and how he has been crucial in this adventure, helping me carry my art all over the city, being my sounding board for a flurry of ideas, and my peace in times of stress. An endless resource and support, all with our dreams in mind.

I am humbled by the universe and its collective power to support me in this endeavor. I am humbled by all of you, those who take minutes out of their day to leave a nice note or comment, those who send encouraging words across my computer screen and across my booth, every smile, and exclamation regarding my work.

The glow of joy and a grateful heart burns bright within me, and I wouldn’t be able to share that light without all of you.

So thank you. Thank you for being here on this journey with me. Thank you for everything.

The divine in me bows to the divine in you,



How Think Unique saved my life.

How Think Unique saved my life.

Quartzite Gem & Mineral Show

Quartzite Gem & Mineral Show